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This blog will serve as a space to process the information I have learned in my attempts to propel arts and culture forward in my community. I will speak broadly and honestly about my journey and hope to impart something meaningful in the process. 


Evidence of Presence: Value Added Property Exhibition

Artist Statement Black Heritage Gallery 809 Kirby Street, Suite 207 Rodneyna Hart Evidence of Presence – Value Added Property Environment: a society in which I simultaneously add (educated artist) and decrease (black woman) value. The purpose of this series is to acknowledge and dispel the decreased value. * The household servant’s lunch dish and utensils,…


I am overjoyed to share that I finally completed my coursework for graduate school. Normally this is something I am shouting from the rooftops but today, I am pensive. So what’s next I hope that increased wealth is in my future. That I focus on all the things I have been neglecting, namely my health,…

Proverbial & Penelope The Toast of the Town – June 2, 2022

Driving into the busy shopping center at the corner of Airline and Antioch, I was wrapped with anticipation for this meal. Walking into Proverbial Wine Bistro, you first experience its modern yet comfortable atmosphere. I sat at the bar and sipped on their lovely happy hour white. It was an Italian Chardonnay, Friulan 2020 Frico…

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