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This blog will serve as a space to process the information I have learned in my attempts to propel arts and culture forward in my community. I will speak broadly and honestly about my journey and hope to impart something meaningful in the process. 


Graduation and Next Steps

So it has finally happened. the slow burn of completing grad school has culminated into a weekend’s festivities of Shreveport’s Bed and Breakfast stays, LSU Shreveport visits, Shreveport Restaurant Week, Walking across the stage hearing cheers from family and friends and a weekend soiree of well wishers and loved ones. This has been the slowest…

Evidence of Presence: Value Added Property Exhibition

Artist Statement Black Heritage Gallery 809 Kirby Street, Suite 207 Rodneyna Hart Evidence of Presence – Value Added Property Environment: a society in which I simultaneously add (educated artist) and decrease (black woman) value. The purpose of this series is to acknowledge and dispel the decreased value. * The household servant’s lunch dish and utensils,…


I am overjoyed to share that I finally completed my coursework for graduate school. Normally this is something I am shouting from the rooftops but today, I am pensive. So what’s next I hope that increased wealth is in my future. That I focus on all the things I have been neglecting, namely my health,…

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